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open on all Easter holidays

Beef soup with changing garnish, root vegetables and fresh chives

€ 6,30

Cream of asparagus soup with whipped cream

€ 8,20

Fresh asparagus with hollandaise sauce or melted butter, with potatoes

€ 16,50

Oven-fresh roast pork in dark beer sauce, mixed dumplings and coleslaw

€ 15,50

Szeged cabbage goulash from pork loin, Boiled potatoes and a dollop of sour cream

€ 14,70

Matjes fillet “housewife style”, served with steamed potatoes

€ 15,80

Vegetarian pumpkin and spinach dal served with almond rice

€ 14,20

Onion roast beef tenderloin, bacon beans, French fries and fried onions

€ 24,50

Sliced ​​lamb steak rump, Rösti and mixed salad

€ 17,60

Carinthian Kasnudeln -filled with curd cheese, pureed potatoes and spices-, served on vegetable strips

€ 13,80

Cod back fillet (practically boneless) fried, Lemon butter, colorful vegetables and parsley potatoes

€ 17,70

Large mixed salad with roasted slices of chicken breast

€ 13,80

Veal escalope with French fries or potato salad or parsley potatoes, cranberries and mixed salad

€ 23,80

Schnitzel of Bavarian straw pork baked, potato salad or French fries or parsley potatoes, mixed salad

From chicken

€ 15,50

€ 16,50

Nuremberg grilled sausages with sauerkraut and gravy

€ 10,80

Homemade cheese spaetzle with fried onions and salad

€ 13,50

Viennese yoghurt ice cream apricot dumplings on a sauce plate

€ 6,80

Homemade Kaiserschmarrn with almonds and raisins, optionally plum roaster or applesauce, -at least 25 minutes waiting time, possibly longer during peak times-

€ 13,80

Tartufo coconut -Coconut ice cream truffles with a chocolate hazelnut center, coated with coconut flakes and candied hazelnuts-

€ 7,50

Vanilla ice cream on marinated strawberries

€ 7,80

Classic carrot sponge cake with cream

€ 5,20

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