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Day Ticket


Beef soup with changing garnish, root vegetables and fresh chives

€ 5,90

Oven-fresh roast pork in dark beer sauce, mixed dumplings and coleslaw

€ 14,50

Fresh redfish fillet baked, served with sauce remoulade and potato salad

€ 14,50

Onion roast beef tenderloin, bacon beans, French fries and fried onions

€ 23,50

Large mixed salad with roasted chicken-fingers

with baked Emmental cheese and prune berries

€ 13,80

€ 13,80

Veal escalope with French fries or potato salad or parsley potatoes, cranberries and mixed salad

€ 21,80

Schnitzel of Bavarian straw pork baked, potato salad or French fries or parsley potatoes, mixed salad

From chicken

€ 14,50

Homemade cheese spaetzle with fried onions and salad

€ 13,50

Kaiserschmarrn with almonds and raisins, optionally apple compote or stewed plums

€ 11,80

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